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So we aren’t quite famous.  Yet.  However, we are going to happily let y’all know when somebody else notices us.  Like somebody important.  Even if we had to give them a heads up first.  We fully expect stalking paparazzi any second now.

We're #1

The Googles!
Technically, this falls under the “somebody else notices us,” even though that somebody else is a computer algorithm.
So . . . .if you search for the term “funny mommies blog” (no quotes), we have worked our way to #1!!
Now, if you search for “nyan cat”, you probably won’t work your way back to our site.  Maybe.

Circle of Moms Logo
Final Circle of Moms #36!

This contest looked for mom blogs that focus on the funny side of motherhood, whether it be through witty and comedic stories or silly and amusing pictures.
And believe it or not, despite having only done this whole “blog” thing for a few months, we ended up at #36!
Pretty amazing stuff.

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So we sent an e-mail to one of our favorite mommy bloggers, “The Underachiever’s Guide to Being a Domestic Goddess” with a link to our “Stop With All the Llama Drama” post to cheer her up after she was attacked by a bad case of the “panty wadding” variety.  We did not ask her to repost this link to her site.  But she did.  Which is awesome.  Oh, and she only has 16,800+ followers on Facebook.  That . . . doesn’t suck.

Liebster Blog Award

Like many, we tried looking up the origins of the Liebster Blog Award, but couldn't find an exact source.  However, it is quite clear that the award originated from Germany. Liebster means “dearest” or “favorite” in German, and the award is given as a form of recognition and support for smaller, up and coming blogs.

The requirements for this award are accepting it (done), linking back to the person that gave it two you (done x3) and then passing it on to five other bloggers whose work we appreciate and admire (working on that last part).


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