What Sleeping in My Own Bed is Like

My homage to "Crappy Pictures” . . . 

Every night, I put “the boy” to sleep in his own bed.  During each and every night, sometime between the hours of 2 a.m. and 4 a.m., he comes into my room like some kind of stealth ninja boy to finish sleeping the night with me.  Even though I have King-sized bed, despite the laws of physics, geometry and common sense, I am pushed to the side by two 15-pound Westies and a 45-pound 4-year old.  Usually I wake up with my leg hanging off the bed and a crick in my neck because, GOD FORBID, my dogs sleep anywhere except on my pillows with 750-thread count sheets.  This is what the end result looks like.

Image is not to scale.

Funny mommy picture of what sleepy time looks like at my house.
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