Reason to Adopt

I have really been feeling sad lately. I think I may be having “One Child Remorse.” I’m not sure that is an actual ailment because I just made that up. But I’ve been feeling really badly about not giving my wonderful daughter a sibling. Not to mention my poor husband who had dreams of a smiling boy he could take hunting and fishing with him. But it just never happened. We had talked numerous times about adding to our brood, only to come up with the same conclusion. One child seemed to be best for the both of us.

I spoke to my husband recently about me having the baby blues. You know what I’m talking about.  When you see a baby in the grocery store and all you want to do is hold it in your arms and sniff its tiny bald head. Don’t do this by the way, the parents of the baby tend to get a little testy and I’m told if I do this again I will be going to jail. And it’s for real this time.


Sometimes I feel so misunderstood.

After watching my daughter play by herself for the last five years I just couldn’t take it anymore and called an adoption agency without my husband’s knowledge. He got so mad at me once for bringing a dog home from the pound that looked like a giant piece of carpet and was missing an eye. Can you imagine how upset he would be if I actually brought home a real life person??

Livid is the first word that pops into mind.

Choosing a child is not easy. But I got lucky and found an adoption agency here in Texas that has a rather large selection. Most of the children available for adoption are hearty mixed breeds. However, purebreds are always available. All children are adopted to qualified applicants on a first-come-first-serve basis. Adoption fees are $58 for larger children, otherwise known as “husky.”  $67 for smaller children and $54 for physically disabled or small breeds. Also, all adopted children are spayed/neutered and have current vaccinations. The adoption agency also sends you home with a free bag of child food with every adoption. I was so excited!

But then it turns out that I was not at an adoption agency. I was at the SPCA.

Explains the barking.

But with so many needy children out there, I would think that adopting a real child would be a breeze. Think again. Try as I might I couldn’t get my hands on one single child. The adoption agency just kept saying something about my mental well being; yadda, yadda, yadda. Frankly I stopped listening once they cuffed me to the chair.

Frustrated, I decided to take matters into my own hands and find a child outside of the USA. So off to Venezuela I went.  My husband thought I was at a church retreat. I was in Venezuela for a little over a week when I came across Francisco Jesus Monteverdi Adolfsson. But I call him “Danny”.

It was love at first sight. After speaking to his mother she was more than willing to give me her son. She claimed that she was tired of him living at her home and mooching off of her. All I could think was, this is one cold bitch. I asked her if Danny still nursed and she told me he had outgrown that. This was a real blow; I was hoping to bond with him while he suckled my breasts.

Once back in the States Danny and I went everywhere together. We would go to the park where all the other mothers would fawn over my little man. “He’s just so cute,” one would say.

“If you need a babysitter just give me a call,” another mother chimed in.

Before long I was frustrated. First off, I had to keep him hidden from my husband and daughter while I was still trying to convince my husband that adopting was a good idea. So poor Danny had to spend his nights in my walk-in closet. Once my husband would fall asleep I would crawl into my closet and lie next to Danny and comfort him. Telling him everything would work out.

And then to top it all off I had to deal with all these mothers who wanted to spend time with Danny as well. Yes, he’s cute. That dark curly hair, his sweet little smile, and let's not forget his sunny disposition. But if they wanted a boy from Venezuela, they were going to have to fly over there and get their own!

Recently I bought Danny some cute little hats and decide to take some pictures of him in an effort to sway my husband into my way of thinking. But before I do this, I was hoping to get your opinions.

Hat? Or no hat?

I think the hubby is just going to looooooovvvvveeee him!

My Adopted Child

My “Danny Boy”

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