No Artificial Colors

We have absolutely no problems with mommies who have specific dietary restrictions for their kids.  After all, we are the mommies and we are in charge!!  Kids can have medical issues, religious constraints, personal preferences . . . etc. HOWEVER, don’t get all Sanctimommy on our asses about your kid’s food limitations and then turn right around and prove otherwise.  Similar to those Sanctimommies who tell you, “I never let my children watch TV” and then you go over to their house and those little bastards are plastered right in front of “SpongeBob SquarePants”.  Whatever.

The following reenactment actually took place this past weekend.  There was simply no other way I could explain it, or appropriately portray my reaction, other than in visual form.  The only artistic license I took is that the role of “me” is played by somebody much cuter and without a southern accent.  Rated-G for awesome.

No Artificial Colors
by: SmartassMommies

A reenactment of an actual conversation that took place with a mommy who apparently doesn't know what birthday cakes are decorated with.

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