Mommy Business Cards

Jenny Larson is a genius.  I swear, I still can’t think of the phrase “Knock, knock motherfucker!” without getting a severe case of the giggle fits.

So when I came across a post of hers that discussed “mommy business cards”, I just knew that at least one of them would have an F bomb in it.

I was right.

But it was printed in a cool font, so that made it a lot nicer.

The subject matter of the post was about being handed a business card by a mommy in the same playgroup, or as she puts it, “Somebody who had sex in the same month that her IUD failed”.  At first she thought the mommy was joking, right up until she was handed a business card.

She states that “most ‘mommy business cards’ are a sign that you should run like hell because that chick is probably insane.” 

I’m about to prove her right.

However, at the very least you can be dropping one of those suckers in every restaurant fishbowl in town.  So what if you win free lunches for the rest of your life?? To that I say SCORE!

Therefore, I’m getting to work on printing up our own “mommy business cards”.  Because the one I have for my real job (which pays in actual currency instead of sarcasm) is just plain boring.

Click on mommy business cards for full-sized image . . . .

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