Google Analytics

One topic of conversation that mommy bloggers (still working on replacing that term) talk about “behind the scenes” is knowing the who, what and where of our readers.  Some ladies explicitly ask their readers how they found them and some like to see what “Google Analytics” has to say about it.  Basically, we can’t tell what you look like, but we know what area of the country you’re reading us from, how you found us (assuming, of course, you used “the Googles”) and your blood type (kidding. Maybe).

One of the most entertaining bits is finding out what search term people used that led them to us. 99% of the time it makes perfect sense: you Googled the name of our blog, or a subject matter that we happened to write a post about, or you found your way from another blog that likes us.  That really, really like us.

This is not one of those times.  The only thing I could possibly say about this “data” is, what in the hell?

Google searches that landed people on "Two Too Smart, Smartass Mommies"

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